Here’s a little background on the clip on connector, part number 69-258. Clinton is still in the parts business sort of. One of guys that worked there for many years ended up with the bulk of the parts that were left over. Over the years they sold all of the outboard connectors. I went to where the factory was in Iowa. I was talking to Bill and he said they had all the components, nose pieces, clips, bands, springs, check balls and seals to build the connectors except for the main bodies. He gave me a blueprint for the main bodies and I started looking for someone to make them. It took me a couple of years to find someone to make them at a price I could afford and still sell them at a somewhat reasonable price. Most shops wanted 35 to 45 dollars each. In the meantime I had the rubber seals reproduced out of Viton because the original seals swelled in the ethanol gas. I had 30 main bodies made out of stainless, assembled the connectors and they flew out the door. I ordered more main bodies. The shop making them does it when they can work it in, so it took a while for them to get them done. That’s why I got a deal on them. In the meantime I ordered the other components to make the connectors. Bill who is 80 years old couldn’t find the clips. I had everything else to make them. He found two of the clips and sent them to me to use as samples. I had the clips made from stainless, so the next step was to make a die to bend them. I got that done so I now have the connectors back in stock. To kind of put things in perspective the last price Clinton sold them for in about 2008 or so was 34.75.

All parts are new old stock unless otherwise stated. Part could show some shelf wear, light rust and or oxidation. All parts are guaranteed usable.

All sales final, absolutely no returns on electrical parts. If you are not sure that the part will work, DO NOT BUY IT!!!! Contact us and we will be glad to help you confirm if it will work or not. If there is an issue with the part you bought contact us and we will try and make it right.

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